Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Plymouth and things

I have spent the last few days in plymouth having a great deal of fun and hanging with Eddie, Lucy and my family.

I will write something about that trip in more length when I can be arsed, right now I am much too tired to write anything coherent, as I'm sure you can tell.

One of the cool things about plymouth is its large number of Pawnbrokers, in one of which I picked up a new bass.

for £60, a Yamaha fretless bass for £60 - I have no idea of its age, perhaps 15-18 years old judging from its appearance - but it plays real nicely and has a good sound, and it's fretless.

mmm, it's jazz time.

it was so cheap because the electronics weren't working. that was, however, the work of about 30 minutes with spanners, screwdrivers and a soldering iron (actualy me - although in all fairness I did solder the wire in the wrong place at first) to fix.

I'm going to bed now, tomorrow I will continue the repairs and tweaks and perhaps write something about the trip rather than just rambling about some battered old bass I bought.