Tuesday, December 05, 2006


The Future of the Left are very good live.

They usually seem to be billed as ‘two of mclusky and one of jarcrew’ or words to that effect, but they really are an altogether different, and musically sexier beast than just the sum of their parts. They rocked. The songs I’ve heard on their website sounded even better live and the songs I haven’t heard before were brilliant. Live, tracks like ‘Wrigley Scott’ and ‘small bones small bodies’ sound incredible.

In fact the quality of the whole set matches that of the tracks on upcoming double A side of ‘The Lord Hates a Coward’ and ‘Fingers Become Thumbs’. Which all bodes very well for the album, whenever that gets recorded. All the material I’ve heard so far from them is a metric shiteload better than anything I’ve heard in a long while. Certainly better than most of the shoegazing indie noises that make up most of the music that ‘the kids’ are listening to these days.


Tch. We generic middle class indie kids are so predictable, Falco joked about how all the posh bastards who weren’t jumping around and getting into it would probably go home and write about the gig in their journal…

And here I am.

Oh well.


Picture of the gig courtesy of ed.