Saturday, January 13, 2007

A good day

today I woke up at 9am - not because I was hungover, not because I was being beeped at by an alarm but because I was sufficiently rested. This was a good start. Also, my new glasses look good. Which is another good thing

I had a seminar which was like pulling teeth - basically about 90 minutes of me talking about Ezra Pound with the occassional long loaded silence in which I desperately tried to get someone else to say something. Hopefully next week won't be another monologue, they make me self conscious and I have a sore throat. This wasn't such a good thing, but I managed to make myself sound reasonably clever (I think), so the fact that no one else spoke isn't going to make me look bad.

I had an essay to pick up and a book to buy from the school of english - which was, of course, closed for lunch (a state in which it seems to spend most of the day) So I wandered off to the computer room where I checked my email and found this on the net, which is one of the coolest things ever.

With essays picked up (70% - another good thing) and books bought, I went home.

I spent the next hour or so laboriously deciphering the comments my seminar leader had written on my essay and the cover sheet. I didn't get very far (in a shock event Prof. Scofield has taken the award for most indecipherable handwriting from the previous holder - Prof. Carabine) but what I managed to understand seemed mostly positive (a good thing). Better, however, was the fact that whilst I was doing this a plumber sent by the landlord was fixing the leak in the pipe leading from the boiler which had made a sizeable patch of distinctly swampy carpet outside my flatmate's bedroom over the last day or so.

I managed to plow through around half of the book that I bought today (a good thing).

We bought a new tv - phillips 28" screen, £50 from ebay - which is also neato.

Generally it has been a good day, in between these events I've mostly been chatting with my flatmates, playing the guitars and listening to music.

a little list

The Good:

William Carlos Williams

Django Reinhardt

Slim Gaillard

Joseph Bazalgette

The Bad:

Ezra Pound

John Kellogg

The Ugly: