Tuesday, June 05, 2007

leaving canterbury

I was doing the washing up last night and generally cleaning house, so I'm feeling a little hungover today (don't ask) and it has once again occurred to me that I've got to actually start packing and get ready to leave here.

It's a bit of a strange situation as, because the rent is year round on this house, I've never actually bothered to completely pack and clear out in the two years I've lived here - in the summer I generally grab my computer, some books and my clothes and leave everything else here. It raises the interesting quesion of just how much stuff I have, and how much stuff I've forgotten I have. I mean, seriously, at the end of the first year I found a huge pile of nice clothes that I'd not worn in a year because I dropped them on the floor of the wardrobe and then dropped a bag on the in the first week. Under my bed I found my timetable from the first term, that I thought I'd lost at the time, and some underwear that not only wasn't mine but belonged to a girlfriend I'd broken up with some 8 months previously. In the light of this I really wonder what on earth I'm going to find in my room this time, probably nothing that interesting because my life hasn't been that eventful but still, wierd shit. At least I hope so, otherwise this is going to get really really boring.

I figure I've probably got about a car's boot worth of books at least, my amp takes up about half the back of a car, plus the three guitars, and the computer - the stereo, my cds etc, will probably take up a fair amount of room. then there's all the stuff that I don't even think of as things I can pack - the kitchen pots and pans, the bed linen, all the stuff that has been discarded and forgottten but nonetheless must move. It's like when we moved house when I was 12, I ended up with three boxes in my bedroom marked 'ben's misc' which were full of such useless crap that it took me about three years before I went through them and threw it all out.

man, this kinda sucks. But still, I feel like my life needs to start over in some way or other, and it's not possible to start over in a town you'll only be in for a few weeks, with people you'll never see again, so the last few weeks have been more frustrating than enjoyable a lot of the time.

anyway. I'm going to start putting things into plastic boxes labelled 'colouring materials 1', 'large bricks 3' and suchlike (anyone who has at least one teacher parent moves house with these)