Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The project I'm currently working on (let us call it El Projecto for reasons of not wanting to talk shop) involves me emailing and phoning up the army of freelancers and experts we have commissioned to explain the various topics covered by El Projecto.

Now when I say experts, this usually means academics from that field. The following is the general gist of a conversation on the phone between me (a recent graduate) and an academic:

Me: Do you have article?
Prof: No, I do not have article yet, but I'm nearly finished
Me: Well, I'm afraid that the deadline was a few days ago
Prof: Oh dear! I'll work hard, really, I just got a little distracted
Me: Well, I suppose I could extend the deadline a little, another week or so.
Prof: Thanks, I'll really try and finish it by then.

The giggles started when I put the phone down and thought:

'wait, that conversation was like university, but backwards.'