Monday, March 01, 2010

Mr Sheen

Righteous indignation does not come easily to me. I'm generally too lazy and apathetic to get worked up about anything, even when I probably really should. I think that it's something I'll take it up when I get older, you know, as a hobby. I'll get laser eye surgery in one eye, take to wearing a monocle, and make sure that it falls into my tea everytime I see a picture of a young lady doing something indecent in the sunday papers.

Nonetheless, every now and then I see something that is sufficiently tasteless and offensive that even I'm shocked. When I saw this advert in the Metro today, for example, my future monocle fell right into my lap.

Bleh. I can't be bothered to explain all the things that are wrong with this. Just bear in mind that Two and a Half Men is a show in which Charlie Sheen plays a character called Charlie Harper. He's pictured with lipstick on his face, mud and rips in his shirt, and a halo...

You see what they did there? They've used Charlie Sheen's notoriously violent conduct towards women to promote their show! Oh how very nice.