Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I'm been threatened with vicarious rocks, so I suppose I better write something here. Although I have no idea what I could write as little has happened to me of note recently. I read the last harry potter book the other day but I'm definitely not going to talk about that here, I decided after I read it that I was to going to try not to talk about it at all regardless of company, so spouting my views on the interblag is certainly not something I'm about to do.

Mostly what I've been doing in the last few weeks is sitting around in my house watching the rivers running down my street. You know that post a few weeks back where I talked about the biggest most extreme thunderstorm I'd ever seen? Yeah, well they've become pretty much normal now – it's been pissing it down so much that the Thames is rising to dangerous levels, the Thames! I didn't realise that the Thames was enough of a river to do that anymore.

The floods are arousing the usual army of commentators in the press: The lefties are split, half saying that the floods are the fault of global warming, the other half declaring that disasters in the third world are much worse and we should all go and feel bad about that instead. The northerners are whinging about how floods in the north don't get so much attention paid to them in the media. The right wing papers seem to divided also, torn between arguing that they used to have better floods in the old days, and that people these days are a bunch of sissies, and figuring out ingenious ways in which the weather can be blamed on the government. And the sun, is, of course, just trying to figure out ways of getting somehow flood-related pictures of half naked women.

Whilst sitting around inside watching the rain I've had to amuse myself somehow and it's mostly been through the medium of listening to heaps of CDs; bought, borrowed, and found. I have concluded that Seasick Steve is badass, Our Endless Numbered Days by Iron and Wine might be the best album I've heard in a few years and that the Spinto Band and Tapes n' Tapes are both up to 30% more awesome than there nearest comparable competitors.

I'll think of something intelligent to say at some point in the next few days, I hope.