Monday, July 02, 2007

York, etc

I have returned to London, having spent the weekend in York sampling the parties and hospitality of Sarah and her fellow grad students. Who'd have thought that postgraduate medievalists partied so damn hard. Me and Matt attended a Sci-Fi/Fantasy themed fancy dress party, me dressed as Jesus* and Matt dressed as Rimmer from Red Dwarf, as his desire to dress up stretched as far as sticking a letter H to his head (it stands for 'hologram', fact fans). The next day we had the hungover tour of the Town plus a very very tasty meal in a pub with more spirits behind the bar than I knew existed.

I have a very bad memory for parties, generally forgetting them even on the rare occasions when i attend them sober (this wasn't one of them) so I'm having a great deal of trouble writing anything coherent about it (I'm actually having a great deal of trouble writing anything coherent at all for some reason, I've rewritten this whole thing twice now). What I do remember mostly consists of beer pong, a guy dressed as a faun, a woman dressed in a incredibly well made Nanny Ogg costume, someone whose robot costume made them look like a baked potato, and a man with a water pistol loaded with tequila.

There were many other things but unfortunately the act of describing things requires a certain amount of in-head coherence in which I'm somewhat lacking, any attempt to write more could cause me sound like a modernist ponce. It's all strange shapes and garbled chunks of memory in my head.

As things currently stand, however, I'm feeling distinctly manky, I think I was ambushed by some dastardly northern germs that my southern pansy immune system was unable to withstand. On that note, I realized today, with the exception of some stress-related migraines, a minor inner ear infection and a couple of colds, I've not been ill in more than four years. Which is a bit strange, I'm worried that perhaps it's like that scene in the film where the guy turns to his pursuers and makes his best scary face and they all run away, only for him to discover that they were in fact running from the scary monster lurking behind him.

In other news Tapes n' Tapes are awesome, as is the Tyranny of Distance by Ted Leo.


*erm, yeah, I'm a bad person