Saturday, May 12, 2007

Richard Littlejohn

Americans will not know who this guy is but suffice to say that he is essentially a british equivalent of Rush limbaugh - a reactionary bigoted wazzock who is for some reason given a column in a national newspaper. Anyway, I'm not going to bother ranting about him here, I just thought I'd link this page

These reviews are, it has to be stated - entirely ironic and made me laugh until I nearly peed. I especially like this one:

"Some have labelled Littlejohn a crass, reactionary, vicious-minded little bigot. In this, his magnum opus, he takes these feeble accusations by the throat and shakes them around like a yorkshire terrier with a small dog toy. Probably a dog toy in the shape of a golliwog.

In his quest to uproot the insidious weed of political correctness, he strides across the rhetorical spectrum from delicately constructed hysterical ranting, all the way through to elegant and waspish carping on and on about nothing of any significance. He leaps with the ease of a ballerina from one lazy disingenuity to another, flouncing his little tutu with the carefree flirtation of a batty boy in a badly broken metaphor.

If Kylie Minogue's perfect posterior could be rendered in prose, then this book would be that prose. Only when she turned around, she'd probably have a penis like that girl in The Crying Game. You know? Ewwww. Eh?"


I'm drunk. heh. I've also finished my exams. that's probably more worthy of mention - I'll write about it tomorrow.