Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Whitstable (again)

Today I found myself sitting at my computer in the light of lovely noon sunshine, having been awake for all of about 10 minutes. I decided that I should do something with myself today, something that would actually take advantage of the pretty weather and the lovely part of the world I'll soon be taken away from. So I grabbed Matt and Tom and we shambled off to whitstable.

I would have brought my camera and taken many photos but I figured that Tom would, and that the photos he took would be way better than anything I could ever take - I mean seriously, he can make me look halfway attractive, the boy's got a gift - but unfortunately his camera battery died halfway there and so there are no photos of our journey. Believe me though, it was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, beautifully warm and the air was full of strange and wonderful butterflies. As I write I'm generally feeling very well disposed towards everyone and everything as a result of the day's loveliness - although I'll concede that this is probably partly due to the alcohol I consumed at woody's after the walk back and partly due to the fact that I'm listening to Bela Fleck and revelling, just for a moment, in the idea that I might be able to play as well as Vic Wooten one day.

But anyway, I'm really not sure where I'm going with this - ah yes, I went to whitstable today, dozed on the beach listened to the sound of the waves scrunching up the gravel beach -- later Me, Matt and Tom adjourned to Woody's to drink cheap booze and to discuss how parkwood was cooler back when me and my friends lived there.

Although I'm sure everyone thinks that, even the boring buggers who live there now.

heh, I'm knackered and sleepy.