Thursday, June 09, 2005

Blog Taboo

What can I write on this thingy? As far as I can tell there are no restrictions from the blog supplier - other than not using it for child porn or terrorist propaganda - I didn't have any particular plans to do that anyway - so the only restrictions on what I write here are going to be the ones in my own head. I'm not sure, however, what those restrictions should be.

Politics? I don't think this is going to become a political blog. I have political views, obviously, but I'm still young and keep an open mind about things so I'll try not to rant unless I'm certain
in my mind that I'm right. For the purposes of orientation though it should be noted that I'm a medium lefty - not a waving a red flag from the rooftops and writing comically bad songs about 'The Revolution' sort of lefty but not a Blairite either. Probably politics will feature in this thing though - I read papers everyday and keep up with what is going on around me - but it wont be the bulk of the posts.

Religion? Well there isn't much that can really be said about that beyond one or two paragraphs so even if I became a firebrand it probably would feature much. I'm an atheist - an unusual word to use in Britain as most people would describe themselves as 'agnostic' or something along those lines, for the most part in the UK religion has been lowered to the level of a vague superstition - no one really believes except for the occasional zealot - so there isn't really a great deal I can say on the subject beyond the fact that I don't like it. I might expand on my views at some point though as it does interest me - but only in the same capacity that ghosts and alien sightings interest me.

Computer games? I don't think that they are really a subject for discussion here. I've reached the age and level of social ability where they are now damned to live in the dark recesses of my PC. Both those games and my N64 that lives in a drawer somewhere are awaiting the day when computer games are viewed with slightly more social acceptance than public masturbation but I'm not optimistic about that. However anything intelligent on the subject has already been said or is being said by the very, very good Edge Magazine.

Films? Compared to many of my friends my lack of film knowledge of the subject is embarrassing (or at least it would be if their amount of knowledge wasn't embarrassing in itself) so I think if I made any heavy duty statements they'll find out somehow and beat me but I might stretch to the odd review of something I saw that they don't consider worthy of detailed examination (Film studies is English literature for people with short attention spans).

Music? I'm a musician (well nearly - I'm a bass player, which is close) and I have a pretty large amount of music in my possession. I'll probably occasionally burble about some band or another or some new thing I've discovered and dig

Literature? No. I write about that all the time anyway, I don't want to write about it here as well.
If I don't write about any of these things all that is left is my life, which as I'm sure I've mentioned before is pretty damn uneventful. So I'll write whatever bollocks appears in my head. This being a good example of that method, to be honest I'm just killing time until the fairly oddparents comes on.


Yes my punctuation is awful. Correct me if you want. This can become a challenge site for the hardcore pedant.