Saturday, June 11, 2005

A Disappointing Absence of Drama

I'm just writing this before I finally start to pack my computer and generally abandon the room that I have lived in (sort of - see below) for a year. I've got my music* blaring out of my stereo at face meltingly high volume at the moment and the sun is shining (well it was - such is UK weather).

In some of the quieter periods in the packing I stand in my empty house, with my music wafting around and thinking - this situation really needs a voiceover right about now. There are things that need to be said but I have no one to say them to. I need some adult voice to say "that first year of college was a turning point for me. I learned that you don't have to take drugs to be cool" or something along those lines - just a lot less moral and more relevant to my situation.

But this isn't drama.

Although it feels like the end of a TV season I don't think that the cosmic writers want to resolve everything next time around - Some people will probably return in a few seasons time in a shock reappearance and things will be left unresolved for a while...

I suppose Americans would call this a lack of 'closure'.

I call it bad scriptwriting.


* no albums - just MP3s on random, no song more than once, nothing depressing or relevant. I'm in a pretty shitty mood today and I don't want it to adhere to an album I like.