Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rather Intoxicated

Have spent the evening with a few of my friends, fun was had by most, if not all. I am rather drunk, which is pretty normal. I am also very hot, which, being english, is not normal.

The gang were as always; John fabricating wildly, even occasionally alluding to fabrications of my own that I had long since forgotten. I discovered that apparently, at a party I remember little of - apart from picking a guy up and throwing him into a wall after he touched my neck - I stuck my foot into my mouth and sat there giggling for about 5 minutes abd telling everyone else to try it. Bizarrely everyone did apparently. Obviously, coming from John I take this story with a grain of salt but it did seem to trigger a vague memory somewhere. The rest were also playing their parts well - Howie was being slightly camp - Amy being frankly disturbing - you never met her, count yourself lucky. Generally just a normal night out with the peeps. I chatted with Tony about hunting down an escaped singer/guitarist that we've mislaid since the summer, and reforming the band for a few gigs for beer money in New Cross and the general area.. I doubt anything will come of it but it's worth a try.

Strangely, although the Ex talked to me quite a lot tonight, she never even came close to making eye contact with me, to the extent of staring at a pillar for an entire conversation. It gets pretty unnerving after a while, it was like chatting to a guard outside buckhingham palace.

Oh man, so hot. I steam.

To sleep or not to sleep?

probably best to go for sleep.


sorry about the grammar, but as I said: rather drunk.