Friday, June 10, 2005


Well I've stuff all my rubbish in black sacks and all my clothes in black sacks and erm. All my sheets and towels in black sacks.

I better remember which one it is I'm supposed to throw away.

It's quite strange seeing everything getting put away; no posters on the wall, no books on the shelves, its all rather sad.

Still, I'll have a nicer house next year with flatmates who might actually spend some time in the house.

By strange coincidence this year my house was barely lived in: Basically I only wrote essays in it and occasionally cooked something there sleeping in my girlfriend's house most of the time, and my other flatmates were either in a similar situation - living with the other half - or they never left their rooms except to go to the toilet (I hope - for the cleaners sake). This all means that I'm not sure what it's going to be like sharing a flat with real people next year, actually people who talk to each other and use the kitchen, living space etc.

I've got to go and gather my things from the kitchen and try and figure out what to do with all my stuff now.