Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Last night

The last night with the americans has been a massive amount of fun. Drink has been consumed, quiche has been eaten and stories have been told. It wasn't like a wake as have been some of the I'mnevergoingtoseeyouagainboohoo 'parties' I've attended.

It's pretty annoying this whole transitory friends thing. At school and sixth form you get used to having the same group of friends for years; you may decide not to be their friend but it's always a choice, they are always around (even when you'd really wish they weren't). Once you reach the real world (well, university - but it's closer to the real world than school) things change you have to get used to making friends with people who, within a few months of you meeting them, are gone. I know that they will still exist somewhere but


I'm just too tired and confused to think right now.

Ignore any further posts on this subject for a week or two. I'll be able to look rationally at it in a while and write something interesting on the subject but up til then be wary of emoboy ramblings.

I'm just going to listen to some Slim Gailard and shut up.