Sunday, July 24, 2005


I've just realised that I missed that anti-racist festival* today, completely forgot about it, even though two of my friends are working on it this year. Damn, another day spent sitting on my arse when I could have been doing something interesting. It's a shame I missed that, its usually a good laff. Last year Dad and a group of people rode an 8 man bike all the way there and were doing tours of the festival on it, as long as people helped with the pedalling that is. They usually have some OK bands - usually local youth Jazz bands and suchlike, some big names but not anyone that interesting.

It's a pretty vague and nebulous idea that they celebrate - basically they went "we need to think of something that everyone agrees is a good idea that we can get drunk about... Anti racist?... yeah!"

Oh well. It's fun.

Yesterday I left the house, Go Me!

I walked to Greenwich park and then through to Deptford. Back through Greenwich and Charlton until I got to Plumstead and from there back o'er** the hill to home (a round trip of about 5 and a half hours). I know that the place names don't really mean anything to you but I think it's about 10 miles or thereabouts. So I've done well...

I then downed 2 pints of guiness in the evening, so I'm sure any health benefits it may have given me were thoroughly negated.

I think I'll do it again tomorrow though. I'm not going to stop drinking but at least this cancels it out.

I'm not sure why I'm writing this as I think for the next week or so this won't actually have any readers at all, apart from perhaps if Eddie has got bored (it'd have to be really really bored, I gave up trying to write anything interesting in this thing a while ago, it's just too much effort).

*Greenwich council excuse for a big party; bands play, much chinese and Indian food is eaten and all sorts of strange musical groups and sports teams have demonstrations

**bit of accidental shakespearian spelling