Saturday, July 09, 2005


I'm not going to bother to reproduce this becuase I should think the thing is doing the rounds across the internet already, it's good stuff. A lot of the politicians have been waxing eloquent but Ken Livingstone appears to have won the gravitas fight.

Here's the speech


I don't like to think that I'm spreading the usual internet patriotic bollocks but, I don't know, my usual rules appear to be suspended at the moment.

It has to be said that in my experience people live in harmony because nobody talks to anyone else, but I suppose nobody seems to bear any malice above the usual city stress. The photo that the independant went with today was good, full front cover - an elderly muslim man covered in blood being helped out of the bus in Russell square.

I'm still angry about all this.

I'm off to the pub to rant indiscrimnately at anyone who can't run away.