Sunday, July 03, 2005

Drink along with Live 8

Today I have been wasting my time in strange and creative ways. Me, Eddie and Pat have been sitting around watching Live 8 and, like all bored students, devised a drinking game around it at about 2 in the afternoon. Basically when the BBC presenters talk about the 'atmosphere' or the 'Vibe' - you down two fingers. When the acts or any of the guests does some pre-watershed swearing (It's going out live so there's been a shitload - when Snoop Dogg came on we got a bit munted) - you down two fingers. When one of the soul singers goes crazy with the vibrato - you down two fingers. When one of the singers says "but seriously" or "seriously now" - you down two fingers. It's simple, as all the best drinking related activities are (My current favourite being the one from family guy - "You won the game!" "what game?" "drink the beer" "what do I win?" "another beer!") but surpisingly effective, as I'm a bit lubricated.

Yes, I know I'm drinking at home, but at least I'm trying to make it interesting.