Friday, July 08, 2005

Oh fuck

Have a look at the news if you don't know what I'm talking about.

It's been getting more and more icky as the day goes on, at the beginning it didn't look too bad, London has suffered some pretty bad terrorist attacks over the years, but it's now exceeded anything that the Domestic nutters have ever managed.

Makes me feel sick, I don't mean that in a it makes me angry sort of way. I mean it actually makes me feel sick. It's horrible.

Although the thing is that stuff like this happens pretty much every other day in Iraq, usually killing more people, and millions of people die of needless diseases and things like that everyday. But, I don't know, this is closer to home; it's places I've been to, stations I've sat in for ages waiting for trains, places I might be working If I'd managed to get a bloody job. I think that people can only cope with the idea of a certain number of people existing in the world, everyone's world can only be populated by a couple of million people at the most, the others, disgusting as this sounds, are background detail. The people in London were real people in my head, just people on trains; cleaners, builders, nice people, bad people, old and young. They weren't a political target, not even in a broad sense, it wasn't a strike at symbol of imperialism or capitalism, they just killed a bunch of innocent people trying to get to work. The isn't any glory in that, no matter how sick you are.

OK. Now I'm angry

But I'll only get more angry if they try and solve this the same way they caused it. The British attitude to terrorists always used to work; Diplomacy and police work, and I think it can still. People talk about never negotiating with terrorists, not letting them win, but then they erode all the values of freedom that they are supposedly defending in their war on Terror.

Bugger. Now I'm being political. I didn't want to do that here; there's enough ill-informed opinion flying around on the net without me adding shit to the steaming pile. I'm not even sure if I really believe that stuff, drawing a comparison between the IRA and the Islamists is not going to work. The IRA were a bunch of glorified mobsters who would occasionally blow things up after telling everyone to run away in a pathetic attempt at looking merciful. It can't really compared to a bunch of fucked up godbotherers who think that what they've done is a "blessed raid in London"* and that somehow killing innocent people is going to improve their situation.

I'll probably be able to write something a little more coherent when I'm in possession of more facts and with the benefit of hindsight.

I don't know. I think a vaccine against religion should be developed.