Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hungover Ramblings

I've been munted out of my mind since thursday. I'm going to give it a rest today, even though I'm going to a family barbeque, I think the liver needs a period of recuperation .

That, and I'm a bit hungover today. I think I had 8 pints last night, but I think there may have been Gin involved as well. So this morning = ow.

Went off for a little jammage with my (reunited) band, everyone has got better, Tony in the extreme, he's past what I'd consider pro-level now, getting into the brain meltingly brilliant sort of stage. All this makes me feel a bit thick, as I have learned little new skills in the last year and what I have learned has been generally useless, show off stuff that isn't really any use in a band that wants to sound good.

I've got to go now - It's red meat and relatives time.